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We are your destination for high quality starter accounts for a variety of mobile games. We cover a variety of games ranging from Genshin Impact to Fire Emblem Heroes, FFBE WotV and many others. Our focus is to help you get into any game at the highest level, while saving a significant amount of time. However, we only sell starter accounts, these accounts just have a lot of in-game currency, and no story or content was done, you just have everything ready to go and enjoy the experience on your own.

We created PELOQ because we wanted to provide an alternative to those people spending thousands of dollars on in-game currencies as they play the games. Additionally, we are constantly expanding our services, with YouTube Premium, Spotify and Netflix being added for customers at a very competitive price.

Our vision

We aim to help gamers access mobile accounts and find a new way of playing without spending a lot of money. In addition, we always strive to add new services for every customer to ensure they are happy and also save money in the process.

Our values

PELOQ is always here to provide you with a quick, transparent and professional way to access mobile game accounts. We also offer extraordinary customer support and an extraordinary purchase experience!

Our mission

We are very passionate about what we do, we love games and we also want games to save money while playing on mobile or accessing digital services.

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Blur The Line Between Fantasy And Reality

Immerse yourself in game play – without dropping thousands of dollars. Our cheap mobile starter accounts offer more resources, characters, and in-game currency, giving you the power to play the game YOUR way. We have the best mobile starter accounts from across the globe, including trending games and proven classics, all at affordable prices for everyday gamers.

Unaltered And Legit Original Content

With PELOQ, what you see is what you get. All games are legit, original, and authentic, unaltered from their intended formats. Genuine authenticity is the name of our game – no mods, no hacks, no dupes. 100% legit, 100% safe, and 100% trusted. That’s PELOQ.

Tired Of Emptying Your Pockets To Buy In Game Currency?

We created PELOQ to be your go-to online resource for cheap digital products, gaming accounts, and mobile starter accounts that offer the biggest bang for your buck. PELOQ offers a selection of the best digital starter accounts at affordable prices, with uncompromising quality.

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