💎Special Offer – MARVEL Future Fight – Global Server Account 💎

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Story untouched – Level 1 account with about 7,500-10,000 gems 18-38+ random 6* Heroes (including 3 random Tier 3 Heroes), 5-15+ comic cards-6 star, extreme obelisks and C.T.P 6stars, 15-40+ random 6* gear, ISO-8 6 stars and enchanted uru 6stars, tons of rank up materials, 5+ Tier 2 advancement tickets, Lvl 5 Exp Chips, 40M gold 10k energy and many other limited resources

Please read:

Kindly send us a new Google (for Android users) or Facebook (for iOS and Android users) Account created only using password (send us the password as well).



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