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Story Untouched – 1,900+ Gems, 2 SSR Weapons, 3 SSR Armor, 2 SSR Head Gear, 100+ SSR Spirit Orbs, 60 SSR Pessa King, 12 SSR Premium Egg, 60 Limin King, 10+ Rainbow Taspy +99 and 20-25 SSR Tickets. Including the following UR: [Spring Flower Fairy] Bellina, [The Adventure Begins!] Maple, [Debris] Herne, [New year Melody] Yuzu, [Cheery Fairies] Tiny Rin & Len, [Family Affair] Anos Family, [Humanity’s Hope] Eren, [Dark Hero] Momon, [Great Labyrinth] Miledi & Hajimemin, 2x [36] Awakening Ninyu, 3x [38] Awakening Ninoyu, Alpaca Hoodle Carmen and [Affectionate Doll] Repllque. Incuding the following SSR – Naofumi Iwatani, [Great Spirit Blessing] Shinji, Nia, Thor Fried noodle Chef, Vol & Rena Young Pirate, Apollo the Surfer and Shinatobe Beach Queen. 5 SSR – EXP Platinum Sword, 5 SSR Platinum Helm and 5 SSR Platinum Mail


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